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Thank You! To Publications / Articles - Thank You!

Posted 5/22/23
Melissa Reaves

As we near the end of our first year together, it is way past time to thank everyone who has had an integral part in the success of building our community.

What began as a "little-idea" to create a group for homeschooling families to gather and share experiences has blossomed in a very short period of time into a vibrant and dynamic community of faithful families.

This would not have been possible without the support and encouragement, not to mention the time and sacrifices on the part of a core group of people, and I'd especially like to thank those members who have served or are serving on the Leadership Team.

These unsung members of our community have been behind the scenes organizing, planning, designing, and brainstorming. They've given up their weekends and evenings with their family to help nurture and grow this community. The Leadership Team has seen some changes as the year has progressed and familial obligations for some have changed, but each of these women have shared their talents and earthly treasure to build a community that supports "Faithful Fun for All."