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December Happenings

The programming calendar this month is quite busy with several opportunities for our families to celebrate the liturgical year both at home and together.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the St. Andrew Novena beginning on November 30th. More information and supplemental resources will be coming soon to assist families.

Our first outing together will be our St. Nicholas Day Celebration. We will be meeting at a local nursing home to sing songs of the season to residents, and we will gather afterwards as a group for cocoa and St. Nicholas Day Activities.

We also plan to meet for both Monthly Mass on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month and a Park Meetup later in the month.

Unfortunately, our trip to the Lindale Candy Company has been postponed due to lack of registrations and we will be polling members to try to identify an alternate date for the event.

Registered members, please login to find out more details and register for these events.


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