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February Events

While February may only have 28 days, it is chock full of events for Catholic Family Adventure Club.

Members will have an opportunity to participate in two celebrations related to our liturgical life beginning with Mass and a St. Valentine's Day Party on the 14th. We will round out the month with a Breakfast-for-Dinner potluck on Fat Tuesday in anticipation of the penitential season of Lent.

We'll of course have all of our traditional monthly events including our Park-and-Play playdate at Southside. And both kids and adults alike should enjoy our field trip this month as we head to Sulphur Springs to visit the Southwest Dairy Museum. Maybe it's the thought of taking the day off to go somewhere different or the free ice cream, but I know I'm excited.

Sprinkled throughout the month are opportunities for specific members. We'll start the month off with a mom's night out; here's to sisterly fellowship and an opportunity to get to know each other better. Not to be left out, our tweens and teens will also get a night away during the month, an evening full of fun, games, and pizza has been planned just for them.

The leadership team and event organizers are looking forward to seeing everyone this month, and we ask that all members login to see the details and RSVP for these exciting events.

Don't forget to Save the Date for our upcoming retreat, April 29th.


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