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Leadership Team Update

As can be expected with any quickly growing group, some changes have been made to the Leadership Team.

Vanessa Jones has had to step down as our Communications Coordinator in order to focus on priorities at home. I want to thank Vanessa for her assistance in getting the group off the ground, and thankfully we will still see the Jones Family at all of our gatherings.

Janae Spencer has agreed to step into the role as Communications Coordinator. Janae comes to the role with a wealth of experience in digital marketing, skills we plan to exploit...I mean utilize. ;) Her primary focus will be on increasing our visibility within the greater Catholic Homeschool Community.

Since the group's inception in October of 2022, we have doubled in size with little to no marketing. In anticipation of continued growth, Chelsea Lockman has agreed to take on the role of Membership Coordinator and assist with registering and welcoming new members. Since Chelsea plans to welcome a new little person of her own in August, it would be great if we could find someone who would be willing to assist her with membership. Email if you are interested.

Please help me thank these two women for stepping up and using their time and talents to benefit our group by liking this post. Let's show them a little love!


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