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Posted 11/11/23
CFAC Leadership Team

By now many of you are aware of the news regarding Bishop Strickland having been relieved of his position as the Bishop of Tyler. This sad news has elicited very strong feelings and emotions for all the members of our community. We want to remind everyone that, regardless of any personal feelings and emotions, this decision will change our diocese.

Bishop Strickland’s removal will affect all of us and our parish communities to varying degrees. Please be cognizant that regardless of personal feelings about this decision, none of us truly know how this will all turn out. Please be kind to one another as we all process and adapt to the new reality in our diocese.

The best way for us to get through this period of turmoil is to come together and support each other. As a community, let’s do the one thing we can do in a situation that affects us but for which we have no control: pray.

“O Jesus, I surrender myself to You, take care of everything!”

This simple but powerful prayer is echoed throughout the Surrender Novena, written by Servant of God, Don Dolindo Ruotolo, who served as Padre Pio’s spiritual director for a short time. Jesus spoke to him about total abandonment, and His words are shared in short, poignant, reflections for each day of this special devotion.

A digital copy of the prayer can be found here, Digital Download, courtesy of Healing Heart of Jesus (healingheartofjesus.com). Please consider praying it together as a family along with continuing to pray for The Church, her priests, bishops, and Pope.

Your Catholic Family Adventure Club Leadership Team